The Buying Procedure

Regarding permit to buy in Hungary, being EU-citizens there is no problem or permit necessary to buy in Hungary. You can buy by contract what is made by a lawyer. You sign, (ex)owner signs and the lawyer will take of the rest. You can start the buying procedure in Hungary and even from the UK.

Buying as a foreigner is no problem as long as you have a nationality for one of the EU-countries. Also if you are citizen in the surrounding countries, or countries where Hungary has (business)connections with it is very well possible. This second group are countries like Swiss, Russia, Ukraine, Norway, etc. etc., but also USA, Canada, Australia, Israel etc. For citizens from Arabic countries and citizens coming from India, China, Syria,Libia, Africa etc. it is much more complicated. 

If you want to come to Hungary in spite of all this impossible rules, you might be able to buy you into Hungary. If you are interested, read here.

If you want to know more on Hungarian residency, read here.

If you don’t have an EU-citizenship and you can buy, we need to ask a permission to the local (Province) authorities. Will cost some extra time and money.

Non-EU citizens are expected to check with their authorities to verify their status in Hungary prior to any visit / purchase.

Starting the procedure.

Once you have happily decided to buy a suitable property through us, a straightforward series of events will take place in order to make you the legal owner:
* We will agree on a mode of payment - bank transfer, cash, etc., and also decide who gets paid and when.
* A date is set for the vendor to vacate the property.
* A 20% deposit of the property's price must be paid to our solicitor/lawyer's bank account. This ensures that the property is reserved just for you.
* The vendor signs a, what we will call, precontract - a prior to purchase agreement, meaning we reserve the property for you.
* You have 30 days in which to pay the remainder of the price. Failure to pay within 30 days means that you forfeit your deposit and any right to the property.
* All conditions of the deposit will be explained to both the buyer and the vendor. The vendor risks having to pay back double the deposit if the property is sold to a third party. Likewise, you have your obligation
   to pay within time.

If you are buying outside the villae borders you can buy up to 10.000 m2, but you need a permission of the authorities of the village. They have a rule that if a Hungarian wants to buy, he has the first buying rights. This will (almost) never happen, but good to know. The procedure can take up to 60 days, but after that there is another 60 days in which a government committee (mostly land registry) is going to look whether all procedures are okay and a foreigner can buy, so 60 + 60 + some days for posting + time to pass all procedures etc. will turn out to be about 7, maybe up to 9 month before you know whether you can buy the property. Take care. This is not buying bigger (over 10.000 m2) lands out of the villages. That is not possible for foreigners at all.

Finalizing the procedure.

The final contract with your signature and final payment, unless it was already paid, can be done in Hungary in the lawyer's presence. And nothing gets signed without prior payment.
On documents you only need to have your passport (ord ID-card) with you. All outstanding payments must be received on this day.

If everything goes smoothly you now get the house keys.

Signing papers.

If it is impossible for you to be present you must properly authorize us to sign on your behalf. In cases like you are a non-EU citizen, it is feasible to sign a contract at an embassy; however, they will only do this grudgingly, and they will charge you for it.


After signing the contract we can help you put utilities (water and electricity) in your name, open a bank-account, and, if necessary, arrange your insurance with an insurance broker.

Non EU-citizens will need permits from the local mayor and county authorities. These are just bureaucratic formalities - in practice permits are always granted. The lawyer will make these arrangements. An exception on this is possible if you declare in the purchase contract your intention to make Hungary your permanent home. We need to find out based on you nationality.

Be patient. All tough the property is 100% yours, land registries can be slow in registering new owners (several months or more depending on the region). When it is ready, your registered ownership will come to us and be in our safe-keeping until you decide to pick it up.

All property sales attract taxation, which is based on the value of the property. This is specifically not included in our prices since you will pay it sometime after finalisation of the contract, directly to the Hungarian tax office.

When you move (in Hungary) from house to house you only pay this tax over the difference between selling and buying price. This applies to a period of maximum one year.

You can work out below what your stamp duty/property tax is going to be 4%. This bill for your property tax can take up to 6 - 12 months to arrive after you have signed the purchase contract.